“Virtuosity subsumed under a vibe on conviviality and a need to get it out of their system, Naked Truth is a band that’s profoundly connected to jazz’s roots but also one that has a craving for everything that’s emerged in the wake of Louis Armstrong’s Chicago explosion of the 1920s. It’s rare to hear a collective that reeks of influences yet somehow manages to be original, having their own sound and identity” (JEDB)


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FIRE IN THE HOLE! FIRE IN THE HOLE! FIRE IN THE HOLE!Naked Truth – Touching Cornerssoundcloud.comNaked Truth is the new quartet of Italian Bass Player Lorenzo Feliciati, American Trumpet player Cuong Vu, British pianist Roy Powell and American drummer …

Post Production work in the third studio album by Naked Truth has started. Release : September 2015iOS PhotosStarted to work on the production of the third Naked Truth album—goooood stuff

you might also like a bit of this! Roy Powell on Clavinet with Pat Mastelotto (Official) and Shanir Ezra BlumenkranzMumpbeak OakFueled by the formidable yet flexible backbeats of Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Naked Truth) and grounded by the humungous …

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